Titanfall 2: multiplayer returns ‘hacker proof’ with the mod for private servers

Titanfall 2: multiplayer returns ‘hacker proof’ with the mod for private servers

With Respawn inviting you not to play Titanfall 2 online due to hacker attacks, a collective of modders has taken steps to ensure that fans of the ill-fated sci-fi shooter can find themselves in multiplayer using a tool that allows you to create and manage private servers.

The program developed by the amateur developer known as BobTheBob is called Northstar and is described as a “framework that allows users to host and manage their own private Titanfall 2 servers through the use of scripts” .

The system devised by the modder and his collaborators is not “limited” to unlocking the creation of private servers, it also offers the opportunity to insert customized resources in the maps and modifiers to the rules of multiplayer games to manage on their own.

The publication of this free mod for the PC version of Titanfall 2, as easily predictable, is celebrated by the SaveTitanfall collective , especially in function of the narrow escape from the hacker attacks that, at least until the month of September, affected the official FPS servers and pushed developers to advise against accessing it to their users. The use of private servers, in fact, should make any possible attempt to acquire the IP address to crash the multiplayer lobby in vain. Regardless of the reassurances of the modders, we remind those who follow us that the installation of such mods always involves risks , especially in this specific case.

As for the future of this now historic intellectual property, the latest statements shared by Respawn do not seem to presage an imminent return of the series: according to Community Coordinator Jason Garza, the Titanfall series is on hiatus .

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