Titanfall 2 servers suffer a DDoS attack on Xbox One and PC, but are now operational again

The Titanfall community is engaged in a ” war ” against Respawn , creators of the game. A few days ago we told you that Apex Legends, the popular Battle Royale, had suffered a hack into its servers by Titanfall fans … and now not even this saga is saved from the attacks .

Now that we know that only two members of Respawn are in charge of the Titanfall servers , this news may not seem so strange to us. If the DDoS attack on Apex Legends was a covert protest, now it is Titanfall 2 that has suffered a hack to its servers .

Surely related to the controversial “Save Titanfall” , the players of the multiplayer shooter have reported that the servers have suffered a DDoS attack, both in the Xbox One version and in the PC version (it seems that the PS4 version has been spared) .

Titanfall 2 players reported that the ping from the servers was absolutely alarming , although it appears that the situation has been resolved in the case of Xbox One. It appears that the culprit of this DDoS attack is a hacker, known as ” jeanue ” .

The point is that it rains in the wet, because these attacks and hacks have been going on since the launch of Titanfall 2 in 2016. Respawn’s network infrastructure is not stable enough , and hackers find security holes too often.

The situation between Respawn and the Titanfall community is absolutely untenable. The statements of a member of the study, furious with the players, did nothing to calm the situation … as did Jason Garza’s statement about the two people in charge of support.
Fortunately, it seems that the Respawn team has solved this DDoS attack , and Titanfall 2 players on Xbox One say that it is now “normal”. In the case of PC it is not confirmed , but everything indicates that the servers are already stabilized.
Respawn is immersed in Apex Legends, and it doesn’t seem to have much regard for the Titanfall community. Being two games from 7 and 5 years ago respectively , it seems that the studio’s plans are far from both multiplayer shooter. We will tell you news about it in Hobby Consolas.
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