Titanfall 3 in presale ? Store would reveal existence and upcoming game debut

Titanfall 3 in presale ? Store would reveal existence and upcoming game debut

Apparently, it is a matter of time for Respawn Entertainment to reveal the expected FPS

Titanfall debuted as an Xbox and PC exclusive, but was not well received by fans; However, the franchise managed to captivate fans with the second installment and for that reason a third part is eagerly awaited and new clues suggest that it is in development and that it could arrive sooner than you think.

Until now, Respawn Entertainment has not confirmed the return of Titanfall and has limited itself to expanding its universe through Apex Legends . However, there is a store that reveals that a third installment would be in development and not only that, but is already accepting pre-orders.


We are talking about GameStop. According to the reddit user Va0Ce, the video game specialty store chain has Titanfall 3 in its presales section , so any consumer interested in the game can reserve their copy.

According to the user who made the discovery, the promotional box indicates that there is no defined release date or window yet, but an employee of the branch located in Germany told him that it would be available sometime in the fall of this year ( between September and December 2022). If you don’t believe him, we invite you to see the image he shared.

Some users believe that this is a deceptive move by the store chain to make players pay $10 USD to pre-order a game that hasn’t even been announced.

Interestingly, this is not the first time something similar has happened. A few months ago, another user posted that, also in Germany, this chain of stores was receiving Titanfall 3 pre-orders . The interesting thing is that the launch was also scheduled for the third quarter of 2022. To reinforce the rumor, we remind you that at the beginning of the year an Nvidia list was leaked in which announced and unannounced games that would debut soon appear and that little by little Little is being confirmed of which Titanfall 3 is a part. Likewise, rumors dating back to 2020 indicate that the game is already in development , despite this being denied by Respawn Entertainment .

If the information is accurate, we should hear about Titanfall 3 next summer, perhaps at Summer Game Fest 2022 . We will keep you informed.


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