Titanfall 3 Possibly Releasing in 2022

At the moment, Respawn seems to be totally into Apex Legends and a new Star Wars project. But what about Titanfall? The iconic saga of titans and shooting has been silent for a long time, after a Titanfall 2 that was spectacular in every way, except in the sales one. The IP may be back soon with that Titanfall 3 that fans have been crying out for for years. Someone has raised the hare, pointing to its launch in 2022.

Is Titanfall 3 looming in 2022?

Tom Henderson, known for leaking details about sagas like Battlefield or Call of Duty, in fact, he recently threw details about Battlefield 6, has thrown the dart into the air through Twitter. With an innocent “4 games I think we should see in 2022,” he posts 4 images with games like Skull & Bones, Starfield, a new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and finally Titanfall 3.

It goes without saying that it is not a confirmation, but a flirtation that gives rise to hope for the players. The user has been shown to have connections within EA in the wake of the BF6 leaks. However, since Respawn they have reiterated on more than one occasion that they are not working on Titanfall, although there are clues that point to its development. In fact, there is more and more noise around Titanfall 3. Will Henderson’s goals be fulfilled and will we see it next year?

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