Titans coming to Apex

An Apex Legends dataminer has uncovered Titans coming to the battle royale arena, via the abilities of a new character.

Just below, you can see a tweet from @Biast12, a reputable dataminer in the Apex Legends scene.

The footage was filmed on a Nintendo Switch, so it’s not exactly high quality. However, it does showcase some exciting things…

In the gameplay clip that they’ve managed to uncover from the files of Respawn’s game, we can see a character calling down an Auto-Titan, which then opens fire on a large area immediately in front of the giant robot.

Blisk has a Titanfall Ultimate Ability according to this leak.

In addition to this, Blisk will have a wall-running ability and will be able to hack Survey Beacons with his “Pilot Kit” Passive Ability.

As for his Tactical, it seems as though Blisk will have his own variant on the Ring Flare grenades from the Ring Fury LTM. Blisk “creates a damage zone powered by The Arena’s ring” with this ability.

The particular character that’s said to be using this ability in the brief gameplay clip? None other than Blisk, the notorious IMC commander from both Titanfall games. Blisk acted as the antagonist to the player character in both stories, and has reportedly had a hand in establishing the Apex Games in the outer edges of the galaxy.

If the leak is accurate, it’s easy to see how the addition of Blisk will shake of Apex Legends in a huge way. Being able to call down a Titan to open fire on the surrounding area while Blisk can move around freely is a massive advantage for the character. You’re going to need some big defensive characters like Gibraltar to counter the devastating firepower of Blisk’s Titan.

Will Titans Ever Come to Apex Legends

It can be argued there’s a decent chance they’ll come in the future. If Respawn ever decides to make Titanfall 3, it’s almost guaranteed there will be a tie-in event with Apex Legends, as both games do take place in the same universe. Perhaps then, Titans can make a possible appearance in Apex Legends, even if it is just a small role or easter egg. For now, however, players shouldn’t’ count on it coming anytime soon.

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