Nintendo will not be present at the Tokyo Game Show 2021, confirmation arrives

Nintendo has confirmed that it will not be officially present at Tokyo Game Show 2021, but Nintendo Switch games from other companies will be there.

Nintendo has officially confirmed that it will not be present at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 , which was now highly probable but which therefore receives confirmation from a tweet published directly by the company to clarify.

The complete calendar of the event has already been published from the Tokyo Game Show 2021 , so the absence of Nintendo was also clear from there, but given the importance of the company in the Japanese field, we were still waiting for an official confirmation, which has arrived in these hours through the social channels of the Kyoto house.

This obviously does not mean that Nintendo Switch will not be present at the event: the centrality of the Nintendo console in Japan guarantees ample space within the TGS 2021 even without the official presence of the manufacturer.

Nintendo will simply not be present in official form, but Nintendo Switch games from other companies will still be present, and we suspect even in large quantities, given the excessive power of the console in question at home.

It seems that Nintendo is still partially present in a certain form: according to what is also reported by the tweet, the company will cooperate with some partners to present some indie games , apparently.

In the meantime, the presences of Capcom, Bandai Namco, Sega, Konami, 505 Games and Square Enix, of which we have seen the expected lineup , are instead confirmed . Among the producers, only Microsoft will be present with a presentation dedicated to Xbox, which, however, seems destined to be of marginal importance for Western users.

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