Yakuza: Creator Toshihiro Nagoshi is leaving Sega for NetEase

Yakuza series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi is about to leave Sega to move to NetEase, Bloomberg reported.

Toshihiro Nagoshi , creator of the famous Yakuza series , seems to be about to leave Sega and move to the Chinese company NetEase , according to what Bloomberg reported in these hours, with an acquisition that would be defining in these days.

This would be a significant step, considering that Nagoshi is essentially the face of the series within Sega, recently also responsible for the new Judgment, which is about to get its sequel with Lost Judgment , arriving on September 24, 2021.

The hiring of Nagoshi by NetEase, thus taking it from Sega Sammy Holdings Inc., represents another step towards the acquisition of Japanese talents by Chinese companies, an operation also started some time ago by the giant Tencent, historical rival of NetEase, that in this way would score a notable blow.

According to reports from Bloomberg, the agreement foresees that Nagoshi will be put in charge of his own team , able to work with ample creative freedom on new games, even if the details are not yet defined because a full contract has not yet been signed. .

Nagoshi has been in Sega since the early 1990s, having actively participated in the golden age of Japanese arcades in Yu Suzuki’s AM2 team , with Virtua Racing as one of the first projects he took part in, later being promoted to head of his own team in 1998. Subsequently, with the closure of the Smilebit team, Nagoshi gathered some of the developers and started the Yakuza project, which has remained within his competence until now.

The hiring of Nagoshi would be part of NetEase and Tencent’s push towards expansion in the field of entertainment products of Japanese origin for Chinese companies , which includes video games, anime and manga , trying to launch new blockbusters in this sector. In any case, we await any official developments on the matter.


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