Two Point Campus leaked at the Microsoft store. Players will create universities

Two Point Hospital turned out to be quite a success, meanwhile Two Point Studios and SEGA are getting ready to announce the next game. When mentioning this studio, we cannot talk about a big surprise, because  Two Point Campus has appeared in the Microsoft store.

Developers will make it possible to “create your university” and the production will have an “innovative management system”. During the game, we will learn about the personality of students, meet their needs and run an institution that must stand the test of time.

Time to turn Varsity on its head! Are you hungry for science? Or maybe you just want to create an educational masterpiece? The campus is filled to the brim with creative tools that will allow you to create your dream university.

For the first time, you can build outdoors, creating an immensely informative campus environment that houses the most important science facilities in the area. Whether you prefer to build on simple foundations or place each tree individually, you can create exactly the university you want.

Create new paths with easy-to-use tools. Plant some wonderful garden flora. Plan the positioning of benches, fountains, sculptures, hedges and fences. The only limit is your imagination (and your game account balance). “

Two Point Campus is going to the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC, so it seems most likely that this time the developers will decide to launch on consoles and personal computers at the same time. There are several screenshots in the Redmond Corporation store that confirm that the band is using a well-known art style. The title, just like Two Point Hospital, will offer gameplay only for one player.

In 2019, SEGA acquired Two Point Studios , so we can expect the Japanese publisher to reveal their young team’s new project soon. 

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