Ubisoft announces new content for Ghost Recon Breakpoint in 2021

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint came out almost a year and a half ago, and has had a most chaotic first year. The title has struggled to satisfy all the players, the dimension very focused on survival or the initial absence of companions managed by the AI ​​having been able to put off some. This last point had however been corrected during the summer of 2020, following numerous requests from the community.
Despite everything, Ubisoft seems confident about the future of the game and is preparing to offer new content for 2021 , which will follow the various crossovers with other franchises in the Tom Clancy universe and the appearance of the Terminator.on the Auroa archipelago, all of which occurred the previous year. The announcement was made through a message posted on Twitter this Friday, very similar to the one announcing the studio’s plans for The Division 2 a few days ago.

Here too, after a short retrospective of what was designed for the title in 2020, Ubisoft takes care to thank the community at length for its support. For the developer, it is this support that drives the creation of content, and player feedback is essential in shaping the future of the game. As a result, the studio promises other novelties for this year, without revealing its nature, but specifying that “surprises” are planned.

Finally, Ubisoft plans to present a schedule “in the coming weeks”. This should make it possible to discover what the next additions will be made of: new crossover events, new quest lines, new territories to explore, raids… The possibilities are numerous and it remains to be seen whether these updates will be sufficiently innovative. so that the players go on an adventure, or if it will only be a repeat of the content already offered so far.

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