UFC champion honors Ghost of Tsushima by wearing Jin Sakai’s samurai mask before a match

When we say that video games have managed to penetrate all strata of society, it is not a statement made lightly. Over the years we have seen how video games have echoed in a number of trends and worlds with which they have little relationship and new examples increasingly corroborate this event.

The last one took place in a UFC match, the brutal mixed martial arts competition. One of the best fighters of today, Israel Adesanya, middleweight champion, has decided to enter the fight dressed in a ronin outfit that was powerfully reminiscent of Ghost of Tsushima .

And this has not been a coincidence, since the intention of the fighter was precisely that. Adesanya later acknowledged in an interview that the reason for that presentation was that he had played Ghost of Tsushima and that is why he had wanted to go out giving a show. Also, the champion commented that he had not finished the samurai game yet because he was busy playing The Last of Us Part 2 .

We leave the video here below. In it, Adesanya can be seen entering their combat wearing a kasa, a traditional Japanese hat and the combat mask of Jin Sakai , the main character of the Sucker Punch game, an outfit that samurai used to inspire fear in their rivals. All this accompanied by the song Somewhere I belong by Linkin Park.

A curiosity that serves to exemplify the great success that Ghost of Tsushima has had among players. The PS4 title has become PlayStation’s newest best-selling IP. 

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