Valheim sold nearly 8 million copies

Valheim is a huge success for Embracer Group and continues to sell very well. In fact, between April and June 2021 it sold 1.1 million more copies, reaching a total of 7.9 million copies sold overall. Considering it’s a PC exclusive title and only available in one store (Steam), that’s a truly impressive achievement.

Furthermore, considering that almost two months have passed from the end of June to today, it is likely that it has largely exceeded the 8 million mark. Not bad for such a small production level title.

Valheim is a survival with a Nordic setting that has been a great success since its launch , fully meeting the tastes of the PC audience. The game is still in Early Access, but we imagine that the Coffee Stain publisher will make sure to launch it as soon as possible and with as much content as possible.


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