Concept: Warcraft 3 on Unreal Engine 5

The latest versions of Unreal Engine make it fairly easy to build playable prototypes with a minimal set of mechanics. YouTuber AXCEL took advantage of Unreal Engine 5 to show what a modern version of Warcraft 3 could be.

AXCEL did not re-create the “strategic” mechanics. We only have Arthas strolling through the human army camp with an owl following at his heels.

As an experiment, AXCEL plans to implement one of the tasks of Warcraft 3 on Unreal Engine 5. Stylistically, judging by the comments, fans of the franchise really like the work of the YouTuber: something like this would look like Warcraft 3 Reforged.

AXCEL does not say whether the project will be made publicly available.

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