Warframe will get Cross Play and Cross Save, actually in development

TennoCon 2021 that aired tonight sheds light on Warframe’s near future , which looks decidedly rosy. In addition to a new expansion , the free-to-play third-person shooter will also receive cross play and cross save support.

The new expansion, coming later this year, is called The New War and has been described as “the most ambitious cinematic quest ever” . The opening words read: “The war has arrived. The Sentients open fire in a conflict that will reach every corner of the System. The long-standing enemies in the Origin System will unite to face Ballas, Erra and the Sentient menace, or fragile alliances. will they bow under the burden of repelling a full-scale invasion? ” . The release is still a few months away, but in the meantime the guys from Digital Extremes have offered us a full-bodied taste of the gameplay, with thirty minutes of play experienced through the eyes of Grineer Kahl, Corpus Veso and Teshin. Find the long TennoLive video at the opening of the news.

The other big news of 2021 will be the introduction of support for Cross Play and Cross Save, two features currently under development and scheduled for the end of this year. When enabled, players will be able to team up with friends no matter what platform they are on, play with the same account on any platform, and continue the journey wherever they want. In addition, with the addition of Cross Play, all future updates will be made available simultaneously on all platforms, so the Tenno on Console will no longer receive spoilers on cinematic quests. The guys from Digital Extremes have also prepared a trailer for cross-play, you can find it at the bottom!


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