Wasteland 3 creators may be developing a new first-person RPG

Despite the fact that Wasteland 3 was released relatively recently, it seems that InExile does not want to let more time pass and they have already started preparations for their next project . At the moment, there is nothing announced, but the odd little detail is already known.

The company has specialized in a very specific type of role, until it has perfected its formula , as we already told you in our analysis of Wasteland 3. However, for the new generation InExile could focus on other points of view, literally speaking.

A job posting shared by Twitter user Klobrille has indicated that InExile is looking for an art director for its new project. This new game would be released for next-gen and would pursue the RPG formula. 

Regarding some details, the job offer mentions the first person view and the use of the Unreal Engine , which would possibly be its fifth version, to get all the possible performance.

We remember that InExile is a study that is within the Bethesda compendium, therefore, it now belongs to Microsoft and is associated with the Xbox brand. The issue of console exclusivity remains to be clarified, but what seems clear is that Series X users are going to enjoy the good role.

After the purchase of Bethesda, Microsoft seems to be warming up for what is to come.  The union between Microsoft and Bethesda is unbeatable, according to the creator of Deus Ex and Dishonored and Arkane Studios is already preparing a new game. What fruits will this union bear?


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