Will Age of Empires IV have multiplayer?

When talking about Age of Empires IV we could say that there are more questions than answers . The studio in charge of developing this new installment of the franchise, Relic Entertainment, continues to work to get the game out as soon as possible. However, if you are a fan of strategy games you will have to keep waiting because it does not have a release date, although it seems that it will be released this year.

Months go by and there is hardly any news. We don’t know anything about the campaign, but according to Relic Entertainment they want it to keep the essence of the franchise. As for the factions, everything seems to indicate that there will be quite a few. In fact, in all the Age of Empires that have come out it has been like this. On all this and much more we may very soon leave doubts. Age of Empires IV could star in an event very soon.

Age of Empires IV will come from Xbox Game Studios and will be available on Game Pass at launch . The latter is not a novelty either. Microsoft said a long time ago that all Xbox Game Studios games will be part of the catalog of its service the same day they go on sale, and the new installment of Age of Empires was not going to be the exception.

Will Age of Empires IV have multiplayer?

All Age of Empires revolve around the campaign. However, do not forget the multiplayer mode. It is a key piece . Who has not spent hours and hours playing online? For example, Age of Empires Definitive Edition supports games of up to 8 players.

Age of Empires IV will have multiplayer mode , but Relic Entertainment has not offered details on whether there will be improvements over the first three installments. So you can rest easy. When the game comes out you can play with your friends for hours and hours. In this sense Age of Empires is very addictive.

Finally, we remind you that there will be no micropayments in Age of Empires IV. This is something that worried many players. Luckily, the game’s creative director, Adam Isgreen, said that microtransactions in a real-time strategy game is something that doesn’t make sense . Another very different thing is that expansions come out and they are paid. The folks at Relic Entertainment are listening to the community and taking feedback into account. Let’s hope that once the game is released it will be a success and fans of strategy games will enjoy the title after a long wait.

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