Will Immortals Fenyx Rising be a new franchise? Ubisoft would love it, but it’s up to the players

Immortals Fenyx Rising hit stores last December as a new original Ubisoft adventure , based on Greek mythology, and with an open-world action RPG proposal certainly inspired by games like Breath of the Wild. It is an adventure that seems to have satisfied both the critics and the players, and in the future, its managers hope that it can become a whole franchise.

Speaking to Nintendo Everything, Associate Director Julien Galloudec talks about the creation of this game formerly known as Gods and Monsters, reiterating that the proposal was born as a result of the development of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: “When we were finishing it, we had the opportunity to say ‘Okay, what would you do next if you had to start a game now?’ Explore more of Greek mythology, do something very different, something that was cheerful and stylish, etc. “

As developers, we hope it can grow into something bigger – Julien Galloudec

“So our focus for a long time was to ensure that we did something great with that opportunity to create something new, ” says Galloudec, adding that “obviously, as developers, we all hope it can grow into something bigger and become a franchise, but we’re still starting to think about how we can expand their universe. ” Of course, turning an action RPG into an entire multi-game franchise doesn’t happen overnight.

The future of Immortals is in the hands of the players

For now, his team continues to focus on upcoming Immortals: Fenyx Rising content . Post-launch content, like that third expansion that debuts this week, and the previous ones that have led us to different mythologies and settings. “We can expand that universe with new characters, new locations, new stories,” explains Galloudec. “So right now we are focused on it.”

“In making the game great, in ensuring that we have great DLC, and after that, everything that comes out is in the hands of the players, we hope that everyone gives it a try and that they love it, and we hope that the players will love us. provide the opportunity to move forward with the franchise, even if it is obviously what we expect. ” Julien Galloudec does not go so far as to explicitly state that the franchise depends on the sales of this game, but, from his last sentences, it seems that the interest of the players will be key for Ubisoft to move forward with more Immortals games.

Everything that comes after is in the hands of the players – Julien Galloudec

In the case of this first game, Immortals: Fenyx Rising debuted on December 3 on all platforms, from current consoles to new generation ones, also on PC and Stadia. A game that was originally known as Gods & Monsters, but had to change its name due to a dispute with Monster Energy (the beverage brand).

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