Will the creator of Shadow of the Colossus show their new game in 2021?

It took Fumito Ueda 3 games to make a name for himself in the industry and to have built a legion of fans eagerly awaiting his next game. The creative trajectory started by ICO, continued by Shadow of the Colossus and perpetuated by The Last Guardian, has only generated great expectations for what is to come and although genDesign, the creative’s studio, has been discreet, it could be that this year there is a breakthrough.


In December 2016, the world finally knew the proposal of The Last Guardian, the most recent title of Fumito Ueda whose development process thought for PS3 seemed to have become eternal and that in the end led to PS4. Since that year, and after the good reviews obtained by the game, the fans kept abreast of a new video game by genDesign, perhaps not for PS4, but for what we know today as PS5. However, the passing of the years has not seen more than an image revealed in January 2018, but that could change this year.

On the occasion of the start of 2021, the official genDesign site put up a preview cover to welcome visitors, which shows each issue of the year stylized with the content of Fumito Ueda’s games. Hence, the first 2 shows Ico, the 0 to Shadow of the Colossus, the second 2 to The Last Guardian and the 1 to the new project.

As can be seen in the last issue, the image shows a new adventurer looking towards the horizon in what could be an area near a river or even a beach whose view is lost in the immensity of the sea.

Obviously, this detail of celebration for the arrival of 2021 has been taken by fans as a clue that this year we could finally see some progress on the new title of Fumito Ueda and genDesign. So far, neither the creative, nor the studio, have revealed anything about their next game, but if you take into account the time that usually takes in its development, as long as The Last Guardian does not happen, it is almost certain that We will see it on PlayStation 5.

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