The Last of Us Part 3 plot is Ready and can release one day, Neil Druckmann says

Naughty Dog has written a compositional scheme for the possible and future story that The Last of Us Part 3 would have, but right now it is not making the sequel. Neil Druckmann, the studio’s creative director, says he hopes ” one day I will see the light of day .” This has become known from an interview with the Script Apart podcast about the script in The Last of Us Part 2, a moment that Druckmann took advantage of to talk about the possibility of a sequel.

” I don’t know how much I want to reveal right now … [co-writer Halley Gross ] and I have written an outline of the story, which we are not going to make. But I do hope that one day I can see the light of day, so that explore a bit of what happened after the game. We’ll see, “concluded the director of Naughty Dog.

Druckmann says there have been ” a few ” internal discussions about a third party, but pointed out all the great work that goes into making a game like this and bringing it to life: ” These games take a long time to make. In Part 2 I thought for 7 years, from the first game to this one […] You want to make sure that the idea that you have excites you, that it feels like a challenge. “

” Now we have two games that I think speak of something universal and that tell a very personal story for these characters. With one game there is no pattern of what a franchise is. With two games, there you start to see something and now I feel like there is structural and thematic themes that you have to adjust to if you want to make a third game, “continued Druckmann.

All in all, it seems like Naughty Dog is exploring what to do next . ” After finishing one of our great games, we took a long time to explore different ideas, be it Last of Us III , something new, a franchise that we want back, ” explained Druckmann. ” I want to explore all of that thoroughly, then look and say ‘okay, we have all these delta ideas, as a studio, what do we commit to now?’ “.

” It is a huge commitment, money, time, passion, talents, so you think about all the costs of opportunities that it entails, ” the Script Apart podcast is interesting. Druckman and Gross have stories about the early drafts of TLOU2, its sometimes troubled launch, and the talk surrounding the HBO adaptation of the game.


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