A Witcher 3 player discovers a new side mission after 600 hours of gameplay

If there is a video game full of details and that hides secrets 6 years after its launch , that is The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt . And it is that it does not matter that you have been playing for more than 600 hours , because perhaps you have not yet discovered this strange and pleasant secondary mission .

The same has happened to a player of The Witcher 3, called RogueRequest 2, who has shared on Reddit a peculiar side mission of the RPG of CD Projekt RED, called ” Harass a troll ” . He assures that it is the first time he has met her, despite accumulating more than 600 hours in the title.

In order to discover this mini secondary mission you will have to travel to the Velen region in The Witcher 3 , located very northwest of The Crossroads inn . If you have followed the instructions well, you should run into Boris, a troll who is cooking a delicious stew.

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When you get to Boris, you will see that there are a few Nekkers that are attacking him. In order to access the mission you will have to kill all the enemies, so Boris will thank you and you will be able to interact with him.

The friendly troll will thank us and tell us what he is cooking in that huge pot. Then we can get an exclusive item for this mission , although for this you will have to talk to him and select the appropriate dialogue options.

It must be said that there is a reason why this mission is difficult to find. To begin with, it is in a remote area of ​​the map, quite far away , and also does not have a yellow marker so that we know that it is a mission .

Witcher 3

It is quite possible that you have not yet discovered the location of Boris on the map of The Witcher 3 , but now the least know it’s a small mission. Having no marker, many surely passed by and decided not to help Boris escape the attack of the Nekkers .

In case you weren’t aware of its existence, you can always replay The Witcher 3 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC . Or you can also wait for CD Projekt to launch the new generation versions , dated for the end of this 2021.

Source: Reddit

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