Wolfenstein 3 from MachineGames getting closer? The studio’s chief designer is working on an unannounced title

MachineGames is working not only on the production in the treasure hunter universe. Teemu Kivikangas confirmed that although he is involved in the work on the Indiana Jones title, he is also working on an unannounced project. According to rumors – it could be another part of the Wolfenstein series.

MachineGames is officially working on an Indiana Jones game, but work on this project started in 2021. We will have to wait even a few years for the position, but it is worth noting that the main team of the studio has not confirmed what it is working on since 2017.

There have long been rumors that the developers have taken care of ending the new Blazkowicz trilogy, but we still haven’t received a specific preview of Wolfenstein 3.

As it turns out – Teemu Kivikangas (senior designer from MachineGames) revealed that for 2 years and 10 months he has been the “main designer” of the “unannounced project”. The creator also has the opportunity to help with the history of the treasure hunter.

However, considering that Indiana Jones has only been created for a few months , Teemu Kivikangas and probably the main team of MachineGames have been working on a new and still unannounced production for almost 3 years.

It’s not yet confirmed, but developers may be working on the next installment of the Wolfenstein franchise … And even if it’s not that title, MachineGames should soon be ready to reveal its project.


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