Insomniac confirms: Marvel’s Wolverine will be a full-size, adult-tone game

Brian Horton, the creative director of Marvel’s Wolverine, has confirmed that the game will feature mature tones.

Among the announcements of the PlayStation Showcase 2021 certainly the one relating to Marvel’s Wolverine was the most unexpected and that aroused the greatest enthusiasm, despite the teaser trailer shown for the occasion did not provide many details on the title starring Logan exclusively for PS5. On the other hand, new information arrived a few hours ago from Brian Horton, creative director of Insomaniac Games, who spoke on social networks explaining that the game will have mature tones .

Specifically, Horton’s comment came in response to a question from a fan, who asked if the game will be “big” or a bit smaller in size like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. just to stay on the PlayStation theme. Horton’s response was that Marvel’s Wolverine will be a “full size” game , which all in all was pretty obvious, and that it will tell a mature story.

Obviously for the moment we have to be content with these small “tastings” waiting for a more full-bodied reveal, given that the project is still in the initial stages of development. Considering that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will arrive in 2023, it is not excluded that we will have to wait until 2024, if not beyond, before being able to take on the role of Wolverine.

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