WoW 2 in development, Overwatch 2 cancellation and more Diablo; this would be the future of Blizzard

Just a few hours ago, a rumor began to circulate on the internet that, although it could not be verified, has managed to resonate within the gaming community. I speak, of course, of the alleged dissolution of Blizzard to form a new studio called Insight that would retain little more than the brands of the company that was the subject of controversy in recent weeks. But this rumor also leaves us with the possible plans of this new company and some heartbreaking news.

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Here is a list of the main points that this rumor comments on in relation to the future of Blizzard and its video games, including the total cancellation of Overwatch 2 , the development of a new World of Warcraft and several mobile games.

This would be the future of Blizzard video games in this supposed dissolution process

  • All the information are rumors and there is nothing official at the moment .
  • Diablo is one of the brands that dissolution would hardly affect.
  • Diablo IV is one of the company’s big bets, with 3 post-launch expansions planned. ❗❗
  • In addition to Diablo II Resurrected, a remake of the original Diablo is also on the way. ❗❗
  • Diablo Immortal will soon arrive on mobile phones and a year later on PC and consoles.
  • Yet another Diablo game will be developed, but this one with a PvP focus.
  • World of Warcraft abandons the creation of more expansions and enters maintenance mode. 
  • In 2023 the last planned expansion of WoW Classic will be released .
  • A successor to World of Warcraft has been in development since 2019 that drinks a lot from Final Fantasy XIV ; It is not a sequel but a complete reboot of the MMORPG. ❗❗


  • There is another Warcraft MMORPG in development for mobile since 2019. ❗❗
  • Hearthstone spin-off is in development that builds on the recently added autobattler modes .
  • Overwatch is believed to be insurmountable and incapable of capturing interest today . ☠
  • Overwatch 2 is completely canceled and the new maps and characters will arrive in Overwatch in late 2022, but the single-player modes are completely abandoned. ☠
  • Overwatch has several small mobile projects in the works .
  • Series Netflix of Overwatch not seem to go to suffer any change of course by these problems with the franchise.
  • StarCraft is completely abandoned for the time being and there are no plans to release any new MOBA or real-time strategy games. ☠
  • Blizzard has a new IP in development that would be a gacha-style RPG (such as Genshin Impact ) would be announced throughout 2022. ❗❗
  • BlizzCon in 2022 has been canceled. 
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