Xbox-exclusive Call of Duty wouldn’t make sense to Microsoft, says the former PlayStation boss

Xbox-exclusive Call of Duty wouldn’t make sense to Microsoft, says the former PlayStation boss

According to Jack Tretton, former head of Sony PlayStation USA, a Call of Duty exclusive for Xbox would not make financial sense for Microsoft.

With the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, one of the major topics of discussion remains the possibility that Call of Duty becomes an Xbox exclusive , something already denied by the company but on which Jack Tretton, former head of Sony PlayStation, is also back. , according to which the exclusivity of this game would not make sense, financially .

Statements continue to arrive from Jack Tretton, former Sony PlayStation number in the US, who was recently interviewed by IGN and spoke, among other things, about the best and worst moment of Sony’s E3 and various other topics, including including Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard and its possible consequences.

According to Tretton, an exclusive on Call of Duty for Microsoft would not make sense financially, as well as other well-known titles from Activision and Blizzard: “I don’t think they will aim to turn those games into exclusives. . I don’t think it makes financial sense for them to take Call of Duty and make it exclusive “, considering on the other hand how” in the past they have not behaved this way “.

Tretton’s idea probably derives from the potential losses in terms of sales that would result from the closure of the series on the other platforms.

The consideration may sound rather strange from the former Sony boss in question, given that just under his leadership PlayStation has begun to make partnership agreements with Activision Blizzard to have exclusive Call of Duty content, but a certain opinion follows. on the entire gaming market. According to Tretton, in fact, “I think that the new acquisitions and mergers that we continue to see are mainly based on cross- platform development “, he reported, including Sony’s maneuvers in this, as we have seen with Bungie and the desire to keep it busy also on other platforms.

Tretton is also a supporter of acquisitions and mergers, even of large dimensions, arguing that it is not from these that the greatest threats in terms of competition arise. According to the former head of Sony PlayStation, in fact, the greatest competition for video games in general, at this point, is other forms of entertainment, considering that people’s free time is limited and the struggle between the companies is based on the ‘occupy it in various ways.


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