Xbox on The Last of Us Part 2: “We loved it”

According to documents published as part of the Epic Games vs Apple case, a review written by the GGPD (Global Gaming Partnerships & Development), a division of Xbox in charge of seeking strategic alliances, was seen.

In this brief review, the folks at Microsoft have had good feedback on the Naughty Dog game calling it an extremely rare game in which it manages to make great strides in the art of storytelling.

“We love it, we have a great time playing it and we continue to think about its characters and stories after we have finished it” is read in this document.

The review describes the narrative of The Last of Us Part 2 as an emotional tale of revenge where we will see the impact of the morale of various characters. They also mentioned that there are chapters where it feels like a “walking simulator”.

The Last of Us Part 2: What do they say about the gameplay?

Regarding the gameplay, they point out that it is an expansion and an improvement of the system that we saw in the first game, allowing players to have freedom when performing an action and praise the artificial intelligence of the enemies.

However, inside the review it is read that Naughty Dog so far cannot make a good shooting system in any of their games.

“Despite this, this remains within the theme of the game and forces the player to move using stealth” – highlighted those of GGPD.

Returning to the graphic part, in the writing they comment on the attention to detail and the quality of The Last of Us Part 2 saying that it is “the best of its class” and “that its presentation in general is ahead of any other game that other studies have developed on console and PC ”.

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