Xbox, over 100 million players: Phil Spencer aims at gaming for the next 20 years

Xbox, over 100 million players: Phil Spencer aims at gaming for the next 20 years

Phil Spencer talked about the more than 100 million Xbox players and how Microsoft aims to create a gaming platform for the next 20 years.

Phil Spencer , CEO of Microsoft Gaming, talked about the more than 100 million Xbox players and how his company aims to create a gaming platform for the next 20 years .

A few days now from the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase , which will take place on June 12, Spencer explained that the goal is precisely to create the gaming platform of the future , which will accompany us in the next 20 years.

“We want to make sure our amazing community of players can find great games made by the most diverse authors – from the most famous studios to indie singles who tell their own stories,” he said. “We want these communities to be safe and inclusive for anyone who wants to join.”

“We are building a platform that can reach billions of users , whether on console, on PC or through Xbox cloud streaming, where players on any device can find content they want to play.”

“From browsers to apps, whether or not it is a dedicated gaming device, this is the direction that Xbox is moving towards: finding as many players as possible and cultivating a community of amazing creators.”

“We have over 100 million users playing on Xbox, we know there are people of all ages looking for their community and we want to make sure we are making the necessary investments in their safety .”

“Our players need to be able to find users with similar tastes to theirs, but also to be able to block certain people. It’s all about creating a safe and inclusive environment where people can find great games and great communities regardless of age and gender.”


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