Xbox Series S, the best-selling console during Black Friday

Xbox Series S, the best-selling console during Black Friday

It has surpassed PS5 and its older sister, Xbox Series X, although perhaps it is also due to the greater availability of Series S

Honestly, I have not bought any console or any game during this Black Friday. What’s more, I haven’t really caught anything. However, I can boast that a few months ago I bought my first Xbox in my life and that I am enjoying it badly thanks, above all, to Xbox Game Pass and my beloved Forza Horizon 5. But this crazy week of deals around the world and consoles and video games have been on the shopping list of many.

What has been the biggest problem in this year for so long? Lack of stock. As you know, getting a new-generation console since they were launched a year ago is very difficult, not impossible, but complicated beyond measure because there are not the necessary components to manufacture all the consoles to satisfy the demand. However, it seems that Xbox Series S is doing much better …

Xbox Series S reigns during Black Friday

A series of data shared by the Digital Economy Index of Adobe in the talk of sales of consoles this week offers:

  • It turns out that, according to the data they have obtained, Xbox Series S has been the best-selling console these days ✌🏼
  • It has therefore managed to surpass the two versions of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch OLED ✅
  • Of course, you also have to keep in mind that it was much easier to find stock for Xbox Series S than for PS5 and Xbox Series X ❗️
  • In fact, at this time you can still find some stock of the little white console ✅
  • According to other data from Ampere Analytics, even Microsoft’s cheapest console has managed to surpass Series X in sales since launch, although this may also be due to the lack of stock of the older sister ⭐️


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