Xbox Series X | S with different SSDs? A player from China used an adapter to connect the device

Microsoft has at least currently presented only one external drive for the Xbox Series X | S. The Chinese player does not intend to wait for the next moves of the corporation and uses an adapter that allows us to connect various SSDs to the console.

Owners of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S can currently use the Seagate solution, which has prepared the Seagate Storage Expansion Card external drive- the device allows us to use the full capabilities of Microsoft’s new consoles.

The American manufacturer mentioned that more companies are to offer their memory in the future, but no details of the next SSD cards have been presented at the moment. The Chinese player is not going to wait and connected the adapter to the Xbox Series S.

According to the information presented – such a solution is to offer the same possibilities as the Seagate Storage Expansion Card, i.e. the user can play next-gen games and use Quick Resume functions.

The design itself is said to use a CFe to NVMe adapter, but the author of the idea has not yet had the opportunity to check various disks – when connecting one of the models (Western Digital 1TB CH SN530 M.2 2230) and the device was detected as external memory.

We have to wait for further opinions, but the interested party already emphasizes that such a solution may be half the price.


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