Xbox Series X | S sells more than PS5 and Switch in March 2022 in the UK

Xbox Series X | S sells more than PS5 and Switch in March 2022 in the UK

In March 2022, the best-selling console in the UK was the Xbox Series X | S duo, which beat PS5 and Switch. In reality, however, there are fewer and fewer consoles on sale.

The month of March 2022 saw, in the UK, the victory of the Xbox Series X | S in terms of sales . Microsoft ‘s console has been able to outperform both PS5 and Nintendo Switch, but the number of consoles available is less and less.

The information was shared by Christopher Dring, of , and expanded by Benji-Sales. Dring says, in translation: “March looks like it’s been another tough month for console stock in the UK. Particularly on PS5, although it’s better than February. Xbox Series S and X had the best month in March, primarily due to the arrival of more X consoles. All three platforms are down year-to-date. “

Benji-Sales also adds that these results come following the increase in the number of Xbox Series X shipments in the United States.

Overall, then, it is the Xbox Series X | S that dominates the month of March, but it is still not a particularly positive situation. The limitations of stocks , and therefore of production, continue to put in difficulty Microsoft and Sony (but partly also Nintendo), which cannot put into circulation a sufficient number of consoles.


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