Xbox Wants To Team Up With Elon Musk To Make A Halo Warthog

Xbox’s general manager of marketing, Aaron Greenberg, wants Tesla CEO and professional Twitter shitposter, Elon Musk, to create a real-life version of the Halo series’ iconic Warthog.

In a Twitter interaction that can best be described as ‘media bait’ (hey, it worked, because I wrote this story), Greenberg responds to a tweet from Musk where the CEO says the only console game he has ever played was “Halo,” suggested that a “Tesla x Halo” should happen.

As cool as a real-life Warthog could be, the vehicle is difficult enough to drive in the Halo video game series. I imagine a real-life Warthog that handles like its in-game counterpart would be a crash waiting to happen.

Further, in some ways, Tesla’s Cybertruck already looks like the Halo series’ warthog at least partially inspired it. It’s also worth noting that there have been several real-life Warthog designs created by fans over the years, including this one created by Bryant Havercamp. In other Tesla related news, the tech giant recently revealed a Model S and X redesign that features a yoke-style steering wheel.

Would you prefer to see Tesla recreate the Halo Warthog? What different in-game autos would you prefer to see crossover into the true world? Sound off along with your ideas within the remark part beneath!

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