Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be unveiled at Nintendo Direct in September

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 could be announced soon, perhaps during the Nintendo Direct of September not yet announced.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 seems more and more a reality after the recent rumors, but recently an interesting clue has emerged that can also connect to another strand of rumor, namely those who want a Nintendo Direct in September , in which the new game for Nintendo Switch.

As reported by various sources, the official website of Monolith Soft seems to be destined to go temporarily offline for a maintenance scheduled for 8 September 2021 . This information, apparently of little significance, is seen instead as an indication of the possible Nintendo Direct coming, which could take place on 8 September 2021.

The rumors about a Nintendo Direct of September 2021 are already mounting on the internet and this information would fit together in a manner consistent with some of the forecasts , which wanted that day among the main suspects.

maintenance to the Monolith Soft site could in fact portend a profound change of the page with references to a new game, presumably Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which could be announced on that date.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was the protagonist of a series of rumors staged during the summer, starting from the voice actress of Melia who would have let the information escape, subsequently confirmed by other insiders for which the development of the game would even be almost done .

New details about characters and development emerged later, but of course none of this is confirmed yet. At this point we await any news from Nintendo, because if the information were likely an announcement should arrive in days.

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