Yoshinori Ono appointed president and COO of Delightworks

New news in the world of video game management, Delightworks announces that it has appointed Yoshinori Ono as its new President and Chief Operating Officer (COO). The former Capcom executive will join the company as of May 1 , Delightworks itself announced in the statement.

If you remember correctly, during the summer of 2020 Yoshinori Ono himself announced through his own statement through Twitter, that he was leaving Capcom. The former executive producer of the Street Fighter saga was retiring from the Japanese company after almost 30 years as part of it, but in addition to SF, he also left several sagas with it.

Akihikoi Shouji , founder and current president at Delightworks , will assume the role of President – perhaps second – and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) the same day that Ono moves into his position with the company. Thus, a cycle is really fulfilled in the life of the manager, months later entering a new one in another study.

For those unfamiliar with the games developed by Delightworks , including Fate / Grand Order , a game from the popular TYPE-MOON VN series, in 2015. Since its arrival on the market, the title has been very popular among gamers. everyone, partly because it is free , but also because of its variety when playing with the characters.

” On May 1 I will go from Capcom to another company. I am going to work in a studio that is a little different from what I have already been used to, ” said Ono on Twitter. ” I am also going to see development from a different perspective than in the past .”


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