AMD EPYC Genoa Features Leaked

Features of AMD EPYC Genoa server processors, which are expected to be available next year, have surfaced.

New details have been leaked about the Zen 4 AMD EPYC server processors, also known as Genoa. So, what are the AMD EPYC Genoa features expected to be released in 2022?

According to the sharing made by ExecutableFix, the EPYC Genoa series, which will be produced at 5 nm, will offer options up to 96 cores and 192 threads. With all these extra cores, the processors are sure to offer much more than the previous generation. On the EPYC Milan side, a maximum of 64 cores will be offered. It is also among the information that EPYC Genoa will offer 12-channel DDR5-5200 memory and 128 PCIe 5.0 lanes, and even in dual-socket configuration, this support will increase up to 160. Milan will have 8-channel DDR4-3200 memory support.

It is stated that the EPYC Genoa server series, which has a default TDP value of 320 W, can be configured up to 400 W. In addition, it is also among the claims that the processors will use SP5 (LGA 6096) socket. EPYC Naples, Roma and Milan use the SP3 platform and the LGA 4094 socket.

We can expect the next-generation leap for Genoa to come for the Zen 4 desktop and mobile processor series as well. If you remember, it was previously suggested that AMD Zen 4 processors could be 40 percent faster.

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