AMD RDNA 3: New GPUs confirmed for 2022 and with increased availability

AMD RDNA 3: New GPUs confirmed for 2022 and with increased availability

AMD promises the launch of the new RDNA 3 GPUs in the course of 2022, claiming that they will be found more easily.

AMD seems intent on launching the new GPUs with RDNA 3 architecture later this year, confirming the release in 2022 and also arguing that they may be more readily available on the market than the scarcity of current cards, thanks to the efforts made to increase the production.

CEO Lisa Su recently released her financial results, which among other things show a 68% increase in revenue over the previous year, including growth in the ability to manufacture and distribute hardware. Su has actually confirmed that it expects the launch of the RDNA 3 GPUs in the course of 2022, as well as the new Zen 4 CPUs , but in addition to the technological evolution focused on the characteristics of the hardware itself, it seems that the company has also worked to improve the production processes and make them more efficient in this period of crisis.

“We have made significant investments to ensure the production capacity necessary to support our growth in 2022 and beyond,” explained the CEO of AMD, confirming extra work on this aspect outside the design and construction of the products themselves. “We have been working on the production chain for the past four or five quarters,” said Su, “considering the growth we have achieved in terms of products and the visibility we enjoy with users. So, in terms of context by 2022, we have made investments in the ability to manufacture wafers, substrates and backends. “

“We are very confident of the progress made in manufacturing to follow the 2022 guidelines and our goal is, sincerely, to be able to meet market demand.” Therefore, the intention to launch the new Navi 3X RDNA 3 GPUs in 2022 is confirmed, but above all there is hope that these can actually be found on the market and perhaps at normal prices.


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