AMD’s New Graphics Cards Can Be 3X Faster Than the RX 6900 XT

AMD’s RDNA 3 -based Navi 31 GPU with the upcoming new MCM design will provide 3x performance gains over Big Navi 21, given the leaked information. The Navi 31 GPU will replace the current flagship Navi 21 GPU and will be nearly twice the size of its successor considering it will also feature a dual-chip design. Although the current flagship Navi 21 GPU also appears as a very powerful chip, it would not be wrong to say that the Navi 31 GPU prepared using new generation parts will be a much more powerful chip than its successor.

In a reply to RedGamingTech’s Paul Eccleston, the famous Twitter user KittyYYuko, known for getting leaks on newly released hardware , stated that a 2.5x performance jump was small for the AMD RDNA 3-based Navi 31 GPU. This shows that the next-generation flagship could be almost 3 times faster than the Navi 21 GPU.

If we take a look at the values ​​to make a simple comparison; The Navi includes 21 GPUs, 80 compute units and 5120 stream processors. Navi 31 will double these values. However, the new flagship Navi 31 GPUs will be based on a brand new compute node of TSMC. These GPUs, which are expected to leave TSMC’s 5nm production process, naturally bring great energy savings. Also, compared with the 7nm process, 5nm chips will save more than 30% energy.

AMD also patented a “bridge chip” for the Navi 3X (RDNA3) graphics processor that comes with an integrated cache. Finally, it should be noted that the company’s new flagship Navi 31-based graphics cards may be released in early 2023.

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