Intel CEO has no doubts: AMD is behind and will never go back to the front

Intel CEO has no doubts: AMD is behind and will never go back to the front

Time to take stock for Pat Gelsinger , the CEO of Intel who, almost a year after taking office at the head of the Santa Clara company, takes the opportunity to take stock of the situation before the holidays and, above all, the latest edition of the CES in Las Vegas . In a video published on Linkedin, dating back to a few days ago, the Intel boss expresses his satisfaction with the work done in 2021, a difficult year for the entire sector which, however, represented a return to the market in style for the company. consumer (or Client as it is called) thanks to Alder Lake processors.

After the good results obtained with the desktop solutions , especially the Core – K series, as well as the excellent conditions of the Core 12th gen H / P / U mobile variants, the US manufacturer appears very optimistic and does not miss the opportunity to launch a jab at the AMD competitor who, needless to say, will certainly have to do in this 2022.

In his “message”, Pat Gelsinger touches on several points that made his first year at the helm of Intel special, moving at some point to the presentation of the Core 12th gen and the excellent results that brought her back to the leadership as performance on AMD. The CEO, who had n’t spared Apple and AMD itself in the past, just before the launch of Alder Lake , doesn’t mince words and basically says that AMD is now back again and will never go back . The real expression is slightly more colorful and reports:

Suddenly, boom! Alder Lake, we’re back in the game. AMD in the rearview mirror in the client market and will never be on the windshield again. We are leading the market.

Words that may sound provocative for AMD and its aficionados but which, in our opinion, aim above all to spur employees and keep competition high in a market that has stood still for too many years and has seen Intel dominate with virtually no competition. Returning to the challenge with AMD instead, if for this first part of the year Intel will be at an advantage, the second half could take a different turn with the arrival of the long-awaited Zen 4 architecture .

The Ryzen 7000, based on Zen 4 cores built on TSMC 5nm technology, are credited with excellent performance and will bring energy efficiency to another level, difficult to manage by Intel since for all this year it will remain on Intel node 7 (10nm SuperFin Enhanced). We therefore think that the picture of the situation will not vary much from now: the Ryzen 7000 will arrive in the middle of the year to take back the scepter for performance / efficiency, while the Core 13th gen Raptor Lake – which will debut in Q4 2022 – will allow Intel to keep bench with CPU and gaming performance ( see possible cache increase ) waiting to definitively switch to Intel node 4 (7nm) with Meteor Lake Core 14th gen CPUs .

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