Intel confirms DG2 (Xe-HPG) GPU has up to 512 UE

Intel DG2 is one of the GPUs that Intel is working on based on the Xe-HPG architecture. This architecture will be part of the next discrete graphics cards that will be launched during the year 2021.

The dates for Intel’s new graphics cards are a complete mystery at the moment and little is known about the specifications.

It seems like it’s a matter of time before more information begins to leak out about Intel’s upcoming graphics cards, which are designed to compete against AMD and Nvidia in the video game graphics market.

There is talk that the DG2 chips are not going to be manufactured directly by Intel but by another manufacturer. The strongest candidate is TSMC with a 6nm process node. There is talk that the DG2 chip will have 512 execution units, which is not the most powerful GPU from Intel. Intel GPUs with up to 960 execution units have been seen.

A GPU with 512 execution units would equal 4096 cores. It is difficult to determine if this GPU will be able to match any AMD or Nvidia graphics card they have on the market.

Currently three identifiers are known that can be seen in the Intel Graphics System Firmware Update Library (IGSC FUL): Intel DG2 (Xe-HPG), Arctic Sound (Xe-HP ATS), and Ponte Vecchio (Xe-HPC PVC).

Will Intel be able to compete in a market that is totally taken over by products from AMD and Nvidia? It’s hard to imagine, but Intel is very confident with Raja Koduri’s leadership.

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