Intel will also prepare new Xeon W based on Rocket Lake

Intel is set to prepare a new generation of Xeon W-13XX processors, which will be easy, as it will simply be based on Rocket Lake-S processors, which are already slowly entering the market. What models will they be?
According to ASRock and its list of supported processors, the Xeon W-13XX will be designed for the LGA 1200 socket, ie it will really only be a slightly modified desktop processor, but this is common in the case of Xeon Ws. 
This is a replacement for the Xeon W-12XX generation, which is based on Comet Lake processors, while ASRock offers only one model from the range of boards, namely the W480 Creator with the W480 chipset, which is the only one supported. Surprisingly, according to the statements on the ASRock website, Xeony W-13XX, such as the W-1350P model, will also support boards with the Z490 or H470 chipset, or they already support them from certain BIOS versions. 
Advice Model Generation Basic measure L3 Cache TDP Supported boards
Xeon W-1350 (B0) Rocket Lake 3.3GHz 12MB 80W Blade
Core i9 i9-11900 (B0) Rocket Lake 2.5GHz 16MB 65W Blade
Xeon W-1390 (B0) Rocket Lake 2.8GHz 16MB 80W Blade
Xeon W-1390T (B0) Rocket Lake 1.5GHz 16MB 35W Blade
Xeon W-1350P (B0) Rocket Lake 4.0GHz 12MB 125W Blade
Xeon W-1370 (B0) Rocket Lake 2.9GHz 16MB 80W Blade
ASRock showed only five new X Xeons in its listing, with the previous generation having seven, but the offer can still be almost complete, as it includes a maximum of 8-core models, unlike the previous generation with up to 10 cores. 
The best model of the new generation, the Xeon W-1390, should have a basic clock of 2.8 GHz, which will be 400 MHz lower than the Xeon W-1290 “Comet Lake-W”. But then, in the end, an even more powerful version with a TDP of 125 W, or Xeon W-1390P, which we are still missing in the list, could arrive. 
At least the W-1390T and W-1370 will be available with eight cores, while the W-1350 and W-1350P will already have six cores, judging by the L3 cache capacity. And it was the W-1350P that took only 100 MHz at the basic clock compared to the older W-1250P. All new Xeons W should also provide an integrated Xe graphics core, as all W-12XX models also have their UHD 630, and we can count on prices that will not be much higher than in the case of desktop Core.  
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