New rumors continue to indicate that AMD EPYC GENOA CPUs will offer up to 96 cores and 192 threads

In mid-November, the first rumors emerged that the 4th Generation of AMD EPYC processors for servers, known as GENOA, would arrive with a configuration of 96 cores and 192 processing threads, and now the latest rumors continue to indicate that this will be the top-of-the-range configuration that the company will offer.

If there are no last-minute surprises, these cores employ the Zen4 microarchitecture to a 6nm manufacturing process by TSMC. If there are surprises, it would only mean that the little stock of 5nm wafers that AMD will have will be used in their EPYC CPUs to scale the number of cores. This configuration would be possible thanks to a chiplet design with  12 dies  (CCD)  with 8 cores each, and we would have a dodeca (12) -channel memory configuration, which in this case the information is expanded indicating that it will natively support the memory. DDR5 RAM @ 5200 MHz .

The known information of these AMD EPYC GENOA is completed with new details, going through making use of the SP5 socket (LGA-6096), access to a maximum of 128 PCI-Express 5.0 lanes (160 for Dual CPU configurations), and the top model 96-core range would have a TDP of 320W (cTDP of 400W).

Now the only thing left to know is availability, and of course, the first benchmarks destroying a poor Intel that with its Intel Ice Lake-SP has managed to reach 40 cores thanks to its 10nm, that is, practically less than half of those that AMD will offer. The Sapphire Rapids, the true rival of the EPYC GENOA, would offer up to 64 cores @ 10nm SuperFin Enhanced.

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