Nvidia to stop Switch’s SoC production this year

Four years after its launch, questions about what is next for the Nintendo Switch are on the rise and more due to the wave of rumors around a possible new model that would offer more power, preventing the console from moving away from the standards current development, especially for the current third-party offer. In previous generations, by now there was already some information about Nintendo’s new projects, but today everything is secretive in the Japanese company and more and more information from third parties appears that suggests an imminent announcement.


Another day, another rumor about the new Switch and this time the information comes from GameReactor who has continued the Bloomberg report on the agreement between Nintendo and Samsung to provide rigid OLED screens to what would be the new model of the console hybrid. According to the site, who cites a reliable source, Nvidia will stop production of the Tegra X1 “Mariko” chip this year, a variant that has given life to the Switch and Switch Lite since 2019 and has brought improvements in performance and battery consumption. 

Taking into account the above and if it turns out to be true, Nvidia’s decision could be related to a new Switch model that would work with another type of SoC, since it must be remembered that the first version of the console featured a Tegra X1 chip normal, not custom, and it was until the implementation of the “Mariko” variant that it was possible to speak of an improvement in the interior of the hybrid console.

Following rumors about an iteration of Switch that offers more power, specifically in terms of resolution and visual performance, some opinions agree that this would only be possible if the console contains a different SoC than the current one, so it would be possible that Nvidia already has the option that the console needs ready.

Finally, it is important to take this information with reserve because officially, Nintendo has stated that it has no plans to announce anything about a new console this year. However, the tracks, or the ones we see as such, seem to be closing more and more towards what could be the new Switch model, which would not be a generational handover as such, but a variant with greater power. In this case, the production of the Tegra X1 “Mariko” that gives way to Switch and Switch Lite, could cover the demand that there is, and there will be for these models of the hybrid console, perhaps preparing the ground for the arrival of a new member to Nintendo’s family of hybrid systems.

What’s your opinion about it?

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