Samsung unveils 3 power management ICs for DDR5 DRAM chips

Samsung has introduced three power management chips for DDR5 RAM. The chips will be manufactured using a 90nm manufacturing process. They are supposed to be placed directly on RAM modules, and not on motherboards.

The S2FPD01, S2FPD02 and S2FPC01 ICs feature a highly efficient gate driver as well as an asynchronous two-phase power control circuit. The new hybrid gate driver improves memory power efficiency by more than 90%, Samsung said, and the power management circuitry continuously adjusts the output voltage and current pulse width and frequency to prevent memory failures and achieve DRAM stability.

The S2FPD01 and S2FPD02 chips are designed for DDR5 memory, which is used in the data centre and server segment. S2FPC01, in turn, will be used in DDR5 memory modules for desktop PCs and laptops.

Samsung also added that all three chips are currently in a testing phase with the company’s customers.

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