The Intel Rocket Lake-S (11th Gen) would go on sale this March 15

After stating that Intel Alder Lake processors will be launched in September of this year , the HKEPC site also reported that the Rocket Lake-S series (11th Gen) will do the same a few months before, specifically, they would go on sale this March 15.

Intel had only confirmed so far that the Rocket Lake-S series would be introduced in the course of the first quarter, but its availability was only expected in early April. The new information would apparently suggest that the launch of the new processors will occur at least two weeks earlier.

Considering that the flagship model of this series will offer a maximum configuration of 8 cores / 16 threads of processing under the Cypress Cove architecture (14nm +++) which is considered a redesign of Ice Lake. The reality is that the only improvement will be present in single-core performance, that is, in games.

So with the arrival of Alder Lake just a few months later, the Rocket Lake-S series is not expected to do very well. Below you can see the details of the current generation and the next two:

Intel Core Processors
Platform Comet Lake-S Rocket Lake-S Alder Lake-S
Lithography 14nm +++ 14nm +++ 10nm Enhanced SuperFin
Architecture Skylake Cypress cove Golden Cove + Gracemont
Cores Max. Up to 10 cores Up to 8 cores Up to 16 cores (8 + 8)
Socket LGA1200 LGA1200 LGA1700
Memory Support Ddr4 Ddr4 DDR4 / DDR5
PCI-Express interface PCIe 3.0 PCIe 4.0 PCIe 5.0
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