Valve proclaims Steam Deck the most powerful gaming handheld in the world

Valve will finally enter the portable device sector with the Steam Deck and will not do so with just any device, but with a new and of course powerful electronic piece. Precisely, the system will be so powerful that Valve proclaims it as the most powerful portable system today.

Maybe Valve revealed its hardware project weeks ago, but so far it has published a promotional trailer for the system through its YouTube channel.

In the video of just over 1 minute long, the qualities of the portable device are presented, such as its buttons that will allow a “portable game without compromising” the portable experience, its screen and touch panel, its gyroscope, expandable storage and the possibility of linking the Steam account through various devices and streaming and enjoying other features of this platform.


The most interesting thing is that Valve proclaims that the Steam Deck is “the most powerful portable gaming device in the world”, something of which it can boast a lot, since the company had a hard time defining the price for the system , but at the In the end, the decision was the correct one, since many players considered that it offers very good features for its price.

Many followers of the company also took advantage of this trailer to comment that the developer still remembers her YouTube channel, which she uses very rarely. The last time he uploaded a video was in December 2020 to promote the launch of Counter-Strike – Operation Broken Fang .

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Steam Deck will debut in late 2021 in various markets, such as Canada and the United States. It is expected to be available in more regions in 2022.


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