Epic has paid Apple $6,000,000 as ordered by the court

Epic Games has paid Apple a sum of 6 million dollars, following the indications of the court: Tim Sweeney announced it on Twitter.

Epic Games has paid to Apple the figure of $ 6 million indicated by the Court in its recent judgment in the case that sees the two opposing companies: Tim Sweeney announced it on Twitter.

This is precisely the sentence against which Epic Games appealed , and which at first the international press had interpreted as a clear victory for the authors of Fortnite .

It was instead a partial victory for Fortnite , which will not return to the App Store although some criteria have been established regarding the model carried out so far by the Cupertino house.

Specifically, the judge ruled that Apple cannot prohibit developers from including external payment systems in their apps, but has not recognized a monopoly situation in the ban imposed so far.

Sweeney communicated the actual transfer of the large sum of money in a dry manner, without adding any details other than a bitterly sarcastic reference to the Apple Pay payment system .

As mentioned, Epic Games has appealed and therefore the diatribe should not have ended here, but it is currently impossible to understand if there are any real possibilities for an overturning of the sentence.

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