Elon Musk has become Twitter’s largest shareholder

Elon Musk has become Twitter’s largest shareholder

The purchase of Twitter shares by Elon Musk came to light a week after the Tesla CEO asked about the need to start a new social platform.

Elon Musk became the largest shareholder of Twitter. This is the conclusion from March 14, which was received by the Bloomberg agency . The CEO of Tesla is expected to own 9.2% of the popular social networking platform worth approximately $ 2.89 billion.

Musk has been very active on Twitter for a long time, and the information about his purchase of the site’s shares coincided with an intriguing poll . The head of Tesla asked in it whether Twitter strictly adheres to the “foundation of democracy”, which is the principle of freedom of speech. He added that the results of the survey would be “significant” but did not say why.

After completing the survey with the apparent result that was definitely to the detriment of Twitter , Musk stated that the platform’s failure in this regard “undermines democracy” and asked if a “new platform” was needed. Interestingly, the survey started on March 25, so after Musk bought Twitter shares.

It is not known whether the deal will translate into “important” changes as Musk has suggested. So far, the announcement of the purchase made the value of Twitter shares rise by 26%.

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