Shooting in Michigan, accused was inspired by Fallout 4

Shooting in Michigan, accused was inspired by Fallout 4

On November 30th there was a shooting at a high school in Oxford, Michigan , and a 15-year-old was accused of perpetrating the act, which claimed the lives of three students. Well, the American site Inside Edition has linked a post by the boy to Fallout 4 , suggesting that the Bethesda title may have inspired him in some way .

In the Far Harbor expansion of Fallout 4 there is a sequence in which Nick Valentine says “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”, a phrase taken up precisely by the alleged boy of the shooting in a post. This was enough for the editorial staff of the USA site to include some sequences of the game in the service.

There is only one small detail: Valentine’s character quotes J. Robert Oppenheimer , the New York physicist considered the father of the atomic bomb, who uttered that famous phrase after witnessing the explosion, in turn citing the Bhagavad Gita.

It is not clear at the moment whether the unfortunate combination between the alleged boy of the shooting and Fallout 4, as well as video games in general, has found space or not in other newspapers. Certainly it is a forcing that leaves us perplexed, even more so considering the actual origin of the citation of the post.

In the meantime, it was news a few hours ago that the suspected student’s parents were arrested on charges of manslaughter, as they were the ones who gave the boy the gun with which he would have opened fire at the school.

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