God of War’s Leviathan axe developer and Santa Monica Studio legend has passed away

The creator of Kratos’ Leviathan Axe in God of War for PS4, in addition to being more than known in Santa Monica Studio, has passed away.

Today is a sad day for the world of video games , it is always like that when a creative takes his last breath. This has been the case for George Mawle , software engineer at Sony Santa Monica Studio and creator of the Leviathan Ax and the Blades of Chaos in God of War (2018) and God of War .

Mawle passed away last Thursday , but it seems that he did not release the news until this Saturday, as there were many memories of him by former colleagues . Mihir Sheth, the game’s leading combat designer, gave him full credit for being a key piece in the engineering behind these two iconic weapons .

” At Santa Monica Studio he worked with Kratos’ weapons, navigation, RPG system and combat behavior, improving the system with the engineers and MUCH more. He was a veteran on the team who played a very important role in setting the point. and end the game and fix bugs “.

In SMS they say that George earned the nickname ” Furious George ” thanks to his commitment to bring an idea to fruition. At the studio, Sheth explains that he had hobbies other than working on video games, as George cooked, did woodwork, and even home movies .

It seems that George considered God of War the highest peak in his career, Sheth explained that “he never thought that he would work on such a beloved game in his career, full of ups and downs. But it is that two years after creating the games he kept repeating this very thing: We did it, didn’t we? ‘ “.

Furious George has been working in game development for more than 20 years, although he retired from Sony Santa Monica Studio just a few months ago . All his companions remember him with affection and admiration .

” If you enjoyed throwing and picking up the Leviathan Ax, or wielding the Swords of Chaos, please have a moment to remember and acknowledge that it was made possible in large part by the engineering and energy of George Mawle. Sadly passed away on September 2, 2021 “, Sheth began his thread.

” Recently one of the best developers I have worked with, and an absolute legend of Santa Monica Studio, has passed away. His name was George Mawle, one of the kindest and most heartfelt guys I have ever met, ” Sam Handrick reminds him in Twitter, ” is on the left of the photo at Game Awards; as excited as ever .”

If you have been interested in all this, know that God of War is already one of the 5 best rated PS4 games in history . Our sincerest condolences to all of George Mawle’s family and friends .

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