Nintendo has closed offices in California and Toronto

Nintendo has closed offices in California and Toronto

Nintendo seems to have closed its offices in California and Toronto, American bases dedicated to sales and marketing, according to a report by Kotaku.

Nintendo of America seems to have closed its offices in California and Toronto , or two of the bases present for the company in North America, according to what is reported by some sources not better identified in Kotaku in these hours.

Nintendo would therefore have permanently closed its base present for years in Redwood City in California, effectively eliminating one of the three local offices in North American territory and therefore relocating about 100 employees who were part of this sector, waiting to understand how it will be reorganized. in case the matter is confirmed.

Nintendo of America is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, while the Redwood City division was primarily concerned with sales and marketing . The closure decision comes practically together with the information on the resignation of Nick Chavez, SVP of the Sales and Marketing division and head of the office in question, who has decided to switch to Kentucky Fried Chicken (and it does not seem to be one of the many jokes of the company in question).

The Redwood City section also dealt with relations with retail sales in the American area, in any case it is not clear what prompted Nintendo to take such a drastic decision. It is not clear whether there are any layoffs linked to the choice made, but based on some information it is likely so, speaking of “displacement” for all 100 employees, an expression that is often linked to job loss.

In any case, we await any confirmations on the matter, currently reported only by Kotaku. It should be noted that the role of Chavez was first occupied by Doug Bowser, who later became president of Nintendo of America after the retirement of Reggie Fils-Aime.


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