I try to sell PS5 DevKit for 3000 USD and nobody bid, added a piece of Pizza to it and sold it for 7000 USD

For the pizza if it’s worth spending seven thousand dollars

I think we are all quite used to this type of rare and even crazy sales on auction sites, but sometimes some of them exceed our imagination and not only because of how sellers behave, but also because of buyers.

And this is what happened with a publication of a PS5 devkit on eBay, which was initially sold for about 3,000 euros without anyone being interested in buying it.

But it was not until he came up with the great idea – probably at first as a joke – to add a piece of pizza to the publication, which he placed on top of the devkit and finally managed to sell it for more than 6000 euros, something like 7055 Dollars. This was alerted by Twitter user Lance McDonald who uploaded a screenshot of the Ebay post on his profile.

Crazy of course since in reality the piece of pizza does not deliver anything of added value to the console other than being able to tell the anecdote that he or she was the one who spent more than five million Chilean pesos on a PS5 devkit, with pizza.

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