Peaceless Skull & Bones: Ubisoft Singapore under investigation for harassment and discrimination

As if the revelations on the troubled development of Skull & Bones were not enough , the pirate sandbox returns (albeit indirectly) in the eye of the storm with the investigations conducted by the Tafep supervisory body to shed light on the latest reports of harassment and discrimination at Ubisoft Singapore .

As emerged from the latest report by The Straits Times , the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices ( Tafep ) intervened to follow up on the anonymous complaints received by those who, among Ubisoft Singapore employees , claim to have assisted or have been the victim of sexual harassment and discrimination .

Referring to the latest media reports with scandals that have also involved other international videogame companies, the leaders of Tafep have thus launched investigations to verify the anonymous reports and, possibly, ascertain the possible responsibilities of the Ubisoft Singapore executives.

According to reports from reporters of The Straits Times, the Ubisoft subsidiary and the other companies involved will be asked to review their policies of conduct and to initiate further internal investigations using third-party companies. Should the responsibilities of Ubisoft Singapore’s top management be ascertained, the software house currently engaged in the development of Skull & Bones would risk revoking the right to recruit foreign programmers, designers and authors. According to The Straits Times report, the Singapore Ministry of Labor could even revoke the concessions for the renewal of the contracts already started with the foreign developers involved in the realization of Skull & Bones .

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