Heating pads were exhausted and he used his Xbox to save his pet

Cookie, the owner’s Degu rodent, had been sick and needed warmth to survive

A Reddit user posted images of his pet Degu perched on his Xbox and wrapped in a blanket, all to give him the warmth he needed to survive his illness.

According to KenRmk , who uploaded the original images, he took Cookie (his pet) to the vet after seeing him in poor condition. From there, the professionals’ recommendation was to medicate the rodent and keep it in a warm place. However, the heating pads were out of stock, so the user had a great replacement idea.

She’s a degu named Cookie. We noticed something’s wrong last night and she’s been deteriorating ever since. Vet gave her some medication and told us to keep her warm until the next visit tomorrow morning. – KenRmk via Reddit

To supply his pet with the necessary heat, KenRmk put Cookie on his Xbox and spent the night playing alongside his pet to keep him safe. “So far we’re alternating between casually playing Burnout (to ease our worries) and idling in a menu to keep the temperature OK. Over night we’ll crank up the heat by putting in CD of Valhalla if it gets cold ” says the user.

Apparently Cookie made it to the vet this morning and appears to be showing signs of improvement according to the creator of the post.


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